Find your Voice,
Love your Voice.

If you’re wanting to wow the audience at your next show or feel more comfortable in your conversations I am here to support you with personalized and proven methods to help you find your voice.

About Me

I'm Jacklin Falconer.


I’m a vocal coach and Choir Director with a decade of experience helping people find and love their voices. 

With AffirmingVoice Studio I am centering transgender, non-binary, intersex, gender expansive, genderqueer, gender non-conforming and all LGBTQ+ voices to focus on the unique talents our community holds.  

I work to co-create learning and growing spaces that honour the expertise of your lived experience and seek vocal joy and dignity.  

Let’s bring our experiences to the table and empower you to fearlessly love your voice.

photo of Jacklin Falconer

Why work with a
voice coach?

  1. As an experienced Vocal Coach I know the ins and outs of voices and how to get the sounds we’re looking for.  (No more googling technical terms.)
  2. Let me be your ears.  I have training in hearing exactly what’s going on in your voice and designing the smoothest path to the sound you want.
  3. Study from a private place where you feel safe without that clinical vibe with online sessions.
  4. Vocal lessons are often less expensive than other forms of Voice Therapy. 
  5. We can have fun.  Work on projects/music that make you happy.


Everyone has a song in their heart!

Are you a singer wanting to keep your higher notes, build strength and lessen fatigue?

Trying to maintain or grow your range?

Sing the music you want to sing with 1 on 1 voice lessons and group classes.

Thinking about HRT and want guidance with your evolving voice?

Started testosterone and need help navigating changes?

Not doing HRT and still want to explore all the amazing things your voice can do?

Having trouble navigating the online advice for feminine speaking?

Want to find your target pitch?

Feeling choked by your larynx exercises?