Choral Singer’s Tune-Up


Are you ready to get back to choir?

Has the pandemic left your voice feeling small or weak?

Having trouble singing through your usual range?

Struggling to find the breath to hold notes through long phrases?

You are not alone!


Singers around the world are feeling less than their usual selves

after a year and a half of lockdowns and restrictions. 



If this makes you (really happy) but a little anxious

The Choral Singer’s Tune-up is for you!

For $45

(about the the price of ONE private session)

you'll get 4 x LIVE 45 min classes and all this:


I'll be there every step of the way to keep you on track and have you auditioning for solos in no time!

LIVE and Recorded sessions

Join the class live on Sunday nights at 7pm or watch later when it's good for you.

Guided Vocal Excercises

We'll explore SOVTE's - the easy and safe new way to strengthen your voice back into shape!

Science based Singing info that Choral singers NEED to know.

We'll dive into breathing, posture, range and mindfulness techniques to help you have your best voice ready to go when you need it!

BONUS: Weekly Detailed Practice Schedules

No wondering what to practice. A flexible calendar to help you stay accountable to strengthening your voice.

The Choral Singer’s Tune-Up is an online group class geared to getting voices back in shape for the 2021/22 choir season after a long pandemic.  This includes 4 x LIVE classes walking you through warm-ups and exercises that will help improve range, support, pitch, resonance and mindset to get you ready to sing your heart out again! 

BONUS: receive weekly guided practice schedules to keep you motivated and on track.

Sunday September 12th, 19th, 26th and Oct 3rd @ 7pm on LIVE Zoom 

Recordings will be available until Oct 31st, 2021

Still have Questions?

Let's chat!